Let us give you an comprehensive evaluation of your website for no cost or obligation.

What You Will Get with our FREE Website Audit:


    We will show you the keywords you are currently ranking for and will suggest new organic search opportunities.


    We will also show you how your competitors are doing in both organic and paid search. POWERFUL!


    We will analyze your website and report any errors that exist and how to fix them.


    Backlinks are critical to higher search rankings. We will provide your current backlink profile - and your competitor's too!


    We will show you where your traffic comes from, what pages on your site rank the best and look for opportunities to increase your traffic.


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    Problems we often find with our FREE Website Audit:

    Here is a list of problems we often encounter when auditing a website:

    General Site Information and On-Page SEO Problems

    • Website does not use SSL (http://www.yourdomain.com vs https://www.yourdomain.com)
      • Google will actually ding you if you are not using this standard security protocol.
      • Another problem we see is that some pages are secure and others have elements on the page that still use an old http url.
    • Slow website load speed
      • Google does not like slow websites.  Remember, they want to promote the best content and the BEST USER EXPERIENCE!
      • We often find uncompressed images on pages that negatively affect page load times.
    • Web pages are blocked from crawlers
      • This is a common mistake that can have major consequences.
    • Invalid Page Redirects
      • 404 errors
        • Google does not want to see 404 errors.  We identify any 404s and create a redirect to handle the issue.
        • You should also have a good 404 page on your website that redirects the user to an optimized page in case this happens down the road.
      • Broken links - It is common to find links to external URLs in your content that no longer exist or old page redirects that link to the wrong URL.  These should be monitored and fixed.
    • Duplicate content issues
      • Google hates plagiarized content and will penalize you heavily if you choose to copy another website's content.
      • It is also important to avoid creating duplicate content on your own website. One cornerstone page per topic is a good practice.
      • Make sure to use proper canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues.
    • Orphaned pages
      • We often find important content that is no longer linked through the website's navigation system.
    • Broken internal and external links
    • Poor internal linking strategy for important content
      • poor navigation and article linking
      • search engines (and visitors) can't easily find your content
    • Website is not responsive or mobile-ready
      • No Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Improper use of title tags and meta descriptions
    • Poor mix of keywords and keyword synonyms
      • we identify and fix "spammy" overuse of terms
    • Ineffective use of images in your content
      • no images
      • improper use of alt-tags on images
    • No Schema markup
      • Google loves schema!

    Information we provide in our FREE website audit:

    We provide a thorough analysis of your website and will show you some "eye-opening" information about you and your competitors:

    Keyword Analysis and Reports

    • Report on the keywords you are currently ranking for in organic search
      • We will show you your position in the search results pages (SERPS) for each keyword you rank for
      • Search volume for each keyword (example - how many monthly Google searches in the US for that term)
    • Report on keywords your competitors are ranking for and their positions in the SERPS
      • Determine which competitors are doing well in organic search
      • Determine potential keyword targets to improve organic traffic
    • Report on keywords you and your competitors are using in ad campaigns
    • Report on keywords that are "easier" to rank for (less competition)
    • Geographic performance of your keywords
      • Where is your audience?  We will take a closer look at your Google search results there.
    • Device specific performance (keyword performance on desktop vs mobile)
    • Determine if your website content is designed to rank for the correct keywords and search terms

    Backlink Analysis

    • Determine what other websites are linking to your content
      • Recommend which backlinks are toxic and may be hurting you
    • Analyze the backlinks of your successful competitors and see who is linking to them
      • Determine which of those backlinks make good targets fo you to go after
    • Provide recommendations on how to get more effective backlinks

    Ensure Your Website Complies With Current Accessibility Standards

    • Determine if you meet the minimum standards of accessibility for persons with disabilities
      • American With Disabilities (ADA) Compliance
      • We have actually had clients that were sued by attorneys claiming they had handicapped clients that could not easily access their website.  These lawsuits are frivolous, but the clients had to defend themselves at a significant expense.

    I run a small business and our website is the main way we drive new business. I called newOfferings to audit our site. They got back to us within a few days of our initial conversation with a complete and easy to understand review of the website. They showed us where we were strong and where we were lacking. I hired them for their SEO expertise and saw an immediate upswing in traffic and higher placement in Google Search Rankings. They even suggested important keyword phrases that we were not even using! I highly recommend them for their knowledge and experience. N.S. San Diego, CA