Thanks for visiting NewOfferings! I have worked in the technology and financial sectors since 1984 and have developed software and websites for dozens of companies (many Fortune 500 clients among them). My partner Scot Robinson and I attended Albany State University in New York and have collaborated on many projects over the years. We make a great team and look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with you!

In the 1980’s I started working on Wall Street, developing software for clients such as Citibank, Barclays Bank, and others in the financial sector. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1994, I briefly worked for Transamerica before settling into Real Estate and Mortgage finance. I have always been at the forefront of software development and have worked with some of the best “techies” in the business.


Over the years my partner and I have had many experiences as entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants. Rarely a day goes by where we are not asked to look over a website or to give advice on some aspect of a company’s internet identity.

Our goal at NewOfferings is to bring years of experience to the masses and to build a portfolio of happy and successful clients.  We combine expertise in Website and Mobile App Design with our Digital Marketing chops to create beautiful websites that rank well on search engines (SEO). Our clients get results and are proud of their web presence! We look forward to sharing the work we have done with you and helping you achieve your goals!