What Constitutes a Great Idea for a Web-based Business?

What Constitutes a Great Idea for a Web-based Business? It has to be unique, right? The market must be huge! There needs to be a great way to monetize the idea so investors can earn back their investment in 3-5 years. The business should fall in a sector where there … Read More

The Most Expensive Spreadsheet Ever Written?

Way back in the mid-1980’s when I was an investment banking associate for Dillon Read it was my job to run the analysis for all of our bond transactions.  Many of these deals were several hundred million dollars each.  I was trusted to develop the spreadsheets which were the basis for computing all of the particulars on many of the deals. 

Bounce Rate – How Much Do Visitors Really Like Your Site?

Bounce Rate measures the percentage of time that a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t visit any further pages. In other words, they don’t like what they find on your site and do not even give you the courtesy of clicking one link.

How to Have Homes in Beverly Hills, New York City and San Francisco

Image via Wikipedia Why stop with these three cities?  What about Maui, Miami Beach, Pebble Beach?  You can live everywhere and anywhere all at once.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it’s not if you know a little secret. Take a look at susansworkreview.com.  Notice anything odd? Look more … Read More

Linkbaiting – Generating “Honest” Links on the Web

Linkbaiting.  Sounds like another one of those nefarious techniques employed by slimmy web-spammers used to fool Google into believing that a site has more links than it really should with the goal of getting better rankings.   In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.  Eric Ward has an excellent post which explains … Read More