digital marketing for attorneys

NewOfferings specializes in Digital Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms. We can show you how to ramp up your business using proven Search Engine Optimization techniques and affordable PPC budgets that deliver immediate results.



    We can help you identify the most effective keywords your clients are using in their online search. Once we know these terms, we can estimate the cost per click and set up an affordable budget.


    Attorneys are usually found in combination with local search terms (for example, “attorney near me”). Your website needs to be optimized for local search and to appear in Google Local Pack.


    We specialize in creating optimized PPC and Social Media marketing campaigns to optimize your return on ad spend.


    We get your phone ringing and help you track the calls to determine where they came from (Google Search vs PPC and other ads).

Digital Marketing for Attorneys

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    We provide best in class digital marketing solutions to law firms. We create custom websites and offer search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services to both criminal and civil attorneys.

    Let us walk you through our holistic approach to digital marketing for law firms, and how our services can help your firm generate new leads and retained clients each month:

    Custom Website Design and Development for Attorneys

    We design beautiful and effective websites for law firms that will help you stand out from your competition.  We know that a lot of your search traffic will come from mobile users, so we make sure that your site works and looks great on all mobile devices.

    We also create content designed to perform well in local search for the keywords that will attract new clients.  An example would be “San Mateo criminal defense attorney”or “Portland DUI Lawyer”.

    Specifically, we focus on:

    • service pages focusing on your legal specialties
    • blogs focusing on important issues for your clients
    • content that you can share on your social media channels
    • content that other authoritative websites will want to link to

    Pay Per Click Advertising for Attorneys

    As you know, organically ranking on the first page of Google’s search engine is a headache for law firms these days. With so many factors that go into how a website ranks, many firms give up their web efforts altogether and rely solely on referrals.

    Thankfully there is pay-per-click advertising (through Google Ads and Bing Ads) that takes away the headache. We have a proven method for generating leads for law firms which entails placing your advertisement right in front of web users who are searching Google for terms directly related to the services you or your firm offers within the geographical location that you cater to.

    We create enticing ads describing your firm along with call extensions so that potential clients can call your firm right from Google. From there, we further optimize and tweak your campaigns so you will have recurring leads on a daily basis at the lowest acquisition cost possible. No longer does your firm have to waste valuable advertising dollars on billboards and tv ads where you cannot track the performance.

    Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

    Our approach to organic ranking on Google includes extensive keyword research and strategy to generate engaging, insightful and keyword rich content that is sure to rank your website higher on Google for the legal services your firm specializes in.

    Some of the blogs we have written for our attorney clients have made it to the first page of Google for some of the most competitive keyword phrases firms are aiming for. We also provide monthly reports that track the progress of the keywords we are aiming to rank for, so you know exactly how our efforts are performing in Google.

    Social Media Management for Attorneys

    These days, a social media presence is a must for any firm looking to engage with potential clients. We handle social media management for Facebook and Twitter, keeping content on your page fresh and up to date with news regarding your firm, the world, and the niches you specialize in.

    We can also create targeted campaigns through social media that allow us to show content such as your videos and articles to users within the geographical location you specialize in to generate brand awareness to your firm.

    Call Tracking for Attorneys

    We specialize in call tracking and effective lead attribution.  When a call comes into your office, it is important to know if it came from your website or your other advertising efforts.  We can help you track all of this important information in order to better manage your marketing budget.

    NewOfferings helped us reduce our paid search budget with Google and Bing by identifying the proper “long-tail” keywords we should pay for. We didn’t realize that we were paying for expensive terms that created no conversions to sales! These guys kow there stuff!John Marco, Investor Relations Consultant
    NewOfferings created a PPC campaign that produced immediate results for us. They created beautiful landing pages for our Google Ads and even provided some cool A/B testing to help us figure out the looks that work best with our potential customers. We are able to tweak our Ad budget and track performance on a daily basis. It has really worked for us!Joel Gittleman