Bending a Spoon – The Incredible Power of the Mind

Corkscrewed SpoonDuring a family vacation a few weeks ago a good friend was telling me about some of the seminars he has attended. This friend is a successful real estate agent and often attends seminars by people like Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, etc. He was mentioning that he had walked on hot coals, broke multiple wood boards without any martial arts training and was able to bend a spoon. His spoon exploits piqued my curiosity when he explained that he didn’t simply bend the spoon, he was actually able to corkscrew it — twist it like it was a piece of paper. He explained that his ability had nothing to so with strength, but involved believing it was possible and harnessing the power of the mind. He likened this to the stories we have all read about when mothers are able to lift a car to free their children.

I was skeptical of this and assumed, if he was able to do it at all, that the spoon must have been made of extremely thin metal. My friend is in good shape, but his build is very average and he would never be confused with an NFL linebacker. That night we had the friend and his family over for dinner at the condo we were staying at and after a great meal and a few drinks I brought out a spoon. The spoons at the condo were far from thin. In fact, they were extremely thick and heavy. I could not even budge the metal when I tried to bend it the long-way. My friend had claimed not to only be able to bend it, but to corkscrew it like it was paper! The friend looked it over and appeared to want no part of it. He hadn’t attempted his mind-bending on a spoon this thick and it had been a few years since he had bent any spoon.

There were quite a few of us in the room and he didn’t want to disappoint. He took it in his hands and stared at the spoon for 20 seconds or so and then started to breath really loud. Something was clearly happening, because what transpired next was unlike anything I had ever seen. He began to make grunting sounds and his face locked into an incredibly intense position. Out of the blue, his hands and arms started moving at a furious pace as his breathing and grunting became more pronounced. It was over in just a few seconds.

As you can see from the picture above, my friend did indeed corkscrew the spoon. For a few minutes after he was done the metal of the spoon was extremely hot. It was difficult to hold and burned to the touch. He explained that he physically changed the properties of the metal, which was how we was able to accomplish the corkscrew effect. For good measure, he repeated the feat two more times that night.

Sounds pretty incredible and I’m sure some of you don’t believe this is possible and I would have been one of you if I hadn’t seen it for myself. I found the following video on youtube which is fairly similar to what my friend did. However, the spoon we used was much thicker than the spoon in the video. Also, if you look at the photo in this post you’ll see that corkscrew effect is more pronounced. The guy in the video doesn’t seem to exert much energy whereas my friend seemed like a completely different person while he was doing it.

After this experience I have a new appreciation for the power of the mind and what is possible. Here’s an article I found that explains the process in detail. Please let me know if you have ever seen this done or can do it yourself.

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