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Avoid These 10 Mistakes People Make with Google Ads

While Google Ads is extremely powerful, many users do not use it properly and therefore do not maximize the benefits and effectiveness of the platform. Here are the 10 mistakes we typically see business make and which you should avoid.

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Linkbaiting – Generating “Honest” Links on the Web

Linkbaiting.  Sounds like another one of those nefarious techniques employed by slimmy web-spammers used to fool Google into believing that a site has more links than it really should with the goal of getting better rankings.   In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.  Eric Ward has an excellent post which explains it in depth (note: Eric is a true pioneer who I worked with many years ago on some web press releases through his URLwire service and received excellent results for my projects!).

Linkbaiting in a nutshell is a way to generate what I call “honest” links.   Other folks will link to you because they WANT to link to you, not because you are paying them to link to your site, spamming them with comments or agreeing to exchange links.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but you might be wondering “why would someone want to link with me?  What do I have to offer?”   Well boys and girls, you need to give people a reason to link to you.  (more…)

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