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Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website

If you are like many of the businesses we speak to, you are unhappy with your current website and its ineffective or outdated design. And what’s worse, you may have outsourced your website development to people that are no longer in the picture or married to a bad technology that is causing the problem.

You are not alone! Just for kicks, do a Google search for the business you are in and click on a few of the listings you find. Some sites will look modern and well designed, but you will probably find more that are outdated, busy and confusing. See what I mean!

If you are finally ready to fix this problem and give your business a better online presence, you should consider WordPress as the platform to build upon. And, you don’t have to break the bank to do it! Over the years, we have built sites using a variety of tools and platforms. Frankly, we can choose any tool that we think will get the job done right. In the past few years though, our tool of choice for many clients has been WordPress.

Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website:

#1) WordPress is the #1 Content Management System

WordPress is an open-source CMS that has a proven track record of success for over 10 years. Currently, over 25% of all websites using a CMS are built with WordPress. Over 25%! Since it is an open-source platform, it is constantly being uograded and improved by the many developers that contribute to the system. And since it’s free from licensing restrictions, developers are free to use the software in any way they choose.

#2) WordPress is Easy to Setup and Maintain

Setting up a WordPress site can be done with just a few clicks. An experienced system administrator will have no problem with the initial setup. The WordPress CMS (or backend) can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection so making changes or adding blog posts is easy and convenient.

WordPress also provides settings to update the core software automatically as updates become available so you are never in jeopardy of using unsafe or outdated software. This has become more important than ever as privacy protection and site security are at the top of most businesses priority list.

#3 WordPress is a Great Blogging Tool

At it’s core, WordPress is a bloggin platform and there are no better tools out there to create and maintain your blog. You can login and post articles from anywhere you can find an internet connection. There are also many tools that allow you to publish blog posts directly to your social media channels!

#4 WordPress is Great for SEO

Google loves WordPress! Because of the way WordPress is designed, it has already solved most SEO issues because it makes your site easy to crawl by the search engines. Your content can also be sorted using Categories (a cooking site could have a “Vegetarian” or “Barbecue” category that you assign blog posts to). Search engines love this kind of untuitive design.

There are also great SEO plugins that can guide you towards proper “on-page” techniques. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack are just a few.

#5 WordPress Features Thousands of Great Themes (pre-designed templates)

Not sure what you want your site to look like? Head on over to the WordPress Theme Directory where you will find over 2000 free themes available. If you want more options, there are plenty more to be found for a fee at commercial sites like Theme Forest, Elegant Themes and WooThemes.

WordPress themes give you to a head start with a basic template for a website. They are are easy to setup and modify without any coding. Most good themes make it easy to customize settings in the CMS, and if you want to get your hands dirty, you can always apply your own look and feel using custom CSS.

#6 WordPress Plugins Provide Funtionality Without Having to Hire a Programmer

The WordPress “Core” provides the bones of the CMS, but the true strength was that it was designed to allow users and developers to add widgets and tools called “WordPress plugins“. From Contact Forms, Calculators and eCommerce to SEO Tools, Sitemap Generators and Website Security, chances are there is a plugin that already exists that will allow you to expand your site in anyway you need. Many popular sites and tools have WordPress Plugins – MailChimp, Twitter and Facebook to name just a few.

#7 WordPress Makes Security Easy

As exploits are discovered, is quick to provide security patches which can be automatically installed on your site. This is a huge benefit of the WordPress platform! There are also many security plugins that help prevent Brute force attacks and other common website security problems.

#8 WordPress is FREE!

WordPress is a free open-source CMS. It is community supported and FREE!

#9 WordPress makes ECommerce easy!

If you sell products online, WordPress provides the perfect platform to do it. There are many plugins that provide powerful functionality including the free WooCommerce plugin.

#10 WordPress Support

Because WordPress is so popular, there is plenty of support available online. The forum is a great place to start, but a simple Google search will undoubtedly help you find all of the answers you are looking for.

Contact us today if you think your website needs help. WordPress might just be the right tool for you!

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